Secret Agent Dragon

A delightful children’s book, Secret Agent Dragon (See what I did there with the font? ;) ) is presented  to us by John Dorey in the format of this lovely book trailer:

What happens when a government agent shows up at your doorstep asking for help from your pet dragon? You say yes.

Get ready for an action packed adventure featuring magic, mayhem and mystery when Spark goes on his first mission as a secret agent.

Secret Agent Dragon is the exciting second installment in the series Dragon in my Garage and the follow-up to How I Met My Pet Dragon. (John Dorey)

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Starting July 31st and on through August 4th folks!

(Kev starts jumping up and down in excitement, but Pat tells him to get off the bed)

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Cry The Fables

A new release is on its way folks. Cry The Fables by M.T. Smith:

ctfMalcolm Bridges, a mentally disturbed children’s book author, dances the line between reality and the dream world of fairy tales he calls Not Kansas; but when a devastating accident leaves him in a coma, this once so magical world is plunged into an unspeakable Darkness. Upon waking, Malcolm eagerly returns to Not Kansas, only to find himself in the throes of fairytale genocide; where an envious army of his Unfinished tales–tales without stories of their own–have brought death upon his beloved creations. Can he save them all or will he lose everything? In Cry The Fables: Glimpse Malcolm embarks on a perilous journey to end this Fable Holocaust and save his friends and sanity.

For more information, pictures, music, audio excerpts, pre-order information and more, please visit @


M.T. Smith is a freelance writer and performer with the second national tour of Broadway’s The Book of Mormon dedicated to preserving the world’s most vital resource—Imagination! At the tender age five he first became aware of its depletion and immediately put himself on a strict but hefty diet of cartoons, video games, music and fantasy movies. After twenty-two years on this regiment, his levels of imagination had risen through the roof, leading him to study Musical Theatre at the University of Arizona, where he also received a B.A in Linguistics; then to the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City, where he received his MFA in Acting… Learn more about M.T. on his website above.

Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko


I had the greatest pleasure of interviewing Nadia earlier last month and found her to be a very genuine and endearing person. Nadia’s Interview. As a thank you for her interview, she kindly sent me a physical copy (all the way from NJ folks!) with a wonderful note of thanks written in the back. Nadia didn’t request a review of her book, but here it is anyway. Thank you for your delightful little ‘Chapbook’ Nadia. :)

Moonchild dreams



“Let us immerse into five imaginary and yet quite believable and relatable mythologies narrated by very mesmerizing Muses. The first to get you plunging are vocal melodies about strength, wonderment, and hope. The second is a struggle between love and its mirrored-self – an inevitable discovery of what true love is and how imitation fails to grasp its pure essence. The third are tales chanted forlornly by Sirens about love and loss and the unattainable, all lost in the abysmal sea. The fourth, less melancholy but profound nonetheless, are words of wisdom to live by from our Mother Nature. And lastly, you come to meet the Moonchild…a part of her inner world and dreams she dared to share.” (Nadia Gerassimenko)


This is a pleasant collection of poetry that makes for a wonderful Sunday afternoon leisurely read and not one to be rushed. It is finely structured, well-written, and perfectly balanced. …Balanced in the sense that it presents a blend of emotions as one moves between fantasy and reality.

There were several poems that I found myself reading through again or parts of them due to some recognition or relative sense. I really like it when a poem does that, even if it brings about a brief feeling of melancholy. When someone else’s muse touches you, it creates a connection.

Two of the poems which particularly stand out for me are: The woman with the child in her eyes which is a wonderful tribute to Kate Bush, and Chaos unto harmony which masterfully weaves titles and lyrics into the poem from songs that have been an inspiration to Nadia’s muse.

A very good four stars!




Boom! …Say What?

Now, I’m not complaining folks, in fact, I was really excited about it… I just find it all a bit odd and have to ask, What’s going on? Then on further reflection, and possibly too much of it… well:

I had three messages from WordPress yesterday like this, and each with larger figures: (This was the last one)



Your blog, Kev’s Great Indie Authors, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 249 hourly views…

Why do I question it? Well, anyone of you who knows me well enough, knows that I’m pretty much a realist and see things as there are… no pretences, gimmicks and all that, although I do try new things out from time to time, but all for the cause of offering services to indie authors.  And, to be perfectly honest with you all… I do check my stats frequently. They are important to me on this blog for both myself and all the authors I promote. (On my personal blog, for example, I don’t bother with stats at all… What would be the point?)

I usually get between 100-200 visits daily on Kev’s Great Indie Authors. (Not huge and big margin, I know, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles… borrowed that bit from Tess btw :D ) And, that’s obviously not from the same people everyday. But yesterday, I had nearly 800 views and 699 of those were recorded as actual visits to my site. That’s a four hundred percent increase! Am I boasting? No, and here’s why:

Like I said, I’m not into gimmicks. I don’t pay to have traffic directed to my site. Why? For the simple reason, I like things to be genuine. If I pay to have traffic directed to my site, the stats lose all their meaning for me… they’re no longer real! Simple as that. So, if this is some gimmick to get me to buy traffic… forget it. Not happening!

What really strikes me as odd though, and the reason why I suspect it’s a gimmick, is that although the stats show all these actual visits, they are all to the same post, and, the folks that have liked/commented on this particular post are my regular visitors and several new folk (nothing beyond the norm) There isn’t an increase in likes/comments. This leads me to believe… It’s not real, and if it’s not real, that lends the question: Who’s been spammed? And quite frankly, I don’t like the idea of Kev’s Great indie Authors in the spam folder of anyone’s blog, never mind hundreds of peoples blogs! (Ok, deep breaths, Kev… hold it, now slow-ly exhale… that’s it!) :D

Does this make sense to you folks?

If you can shed some light on this and/or possibly show me that I could be wrong about this being a gimmick… Much appreciated. :)